LogViewPlus 3.0.8 With Crack

LogViewPlus Crack features a user-friendly appearance with a fairly self-explanatory set of functions, to make it as simple as possible to browse through log files and their contents.

Log files are often viewed as plain text. A log viewer will parse your log file and read the information. This helps you find, analyze, and fix issues faster.

LogViewPlus Key Features:

Quick Data Filters

  • Filtering log files is better than searching because filters can be chained. For example, you can narrow your log file down to a particular thread and then search just within that thread. Filters can also be updated automatically while tailing the log file. This is similar to tail and grep, but completely redesigned for Windows.

Multiple Log Sources

  • LogViewPlus can do more than just read log files. We support other data sources like UDP, Syslog, Databases and the Windows Event Log. LogViewPlus is highly extensible and we are adding more data sources all the time.
  • Whether you store log data as JSON or a database blob, LogViewPlus can help you access, consolidate, and understand your log data. We are committed to helping you view and analyze your logs regardless of the underlying format, protocol or storage method.

Tail in Windows done right!

  • LogViewPlus processes real-time log file updates through functionality similar to the Unix ‘tail’ command which tracks log entries as they are written to the log file. This means you immediately see the new log entries in your log viewer. No need to mess around with a refresh button. Tail log files in windows like a pro. No command line required.

Tail Log Files From Anywhere

  • LogViewPlus includes built in support for technologies like SFTP, FTP, SCP, and SSL as well as mapped drives and Samba shares. Because the world is full of networks and often the log files you need do not exist on your local machine. Now you can read and tail all of your log files in Windows without starting a telnet session.

LogViewPlus Crack

What’s New In LogViewPlus 3.0.8 Crack?

  • Fixed issue with painting log entries with multiple highlights in the grid view.
  • Fixed issue with the recent history columns being re-ordered after initial display.
  • Fixed issue with opening compressed files from a workspace.
  • Improved error handling when running LogViewPlus without dependent libraries.
  • Fixed issue with delete key press in title bar triggering file delete prompt.
  • Fixed issue with popup menu when right-clicking in the log entry grid auto filter bar.
  • Fixed issue with the initial display of directory monitors.
  • Fixed issue with tooltip display in the transfer progress view.
  • Fixed issue with syntax highlighting blocks of text greater than 2 KB.
  • Fixed issue with file system tree not automatically refreshing parent directories.
  • Fixed issue with remote transfer logs sometimes not displaying correctly.
  • Server connection attempts will now be delayed when repeated errors are detected.

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