Lightworks Pro 14.5 Crack Full torrent download + License Key (2019)

Hi, looking for downloading the crack version of Lightworks Pro. In this Article, we’ll provide you with a link to download the software. Also, guide you through the steps in order for one to install it on their PC.

So, Let’s Get Started.

What is Lightworks Pro?

Lightwork pro is a Non- Linear video editing software used for editing and mastering videos of 2K and 4K resolutions. Also, it supports the television PAL, NTSC and high definition formats on it. It is a well know high-speed video editor mainly used in film industries. The particular editor supports importing of pictures, videos, and long videos. And tends to edit them in a high-speed manner. Therefore, the particular software got used in many famous films. Like wolf of the wall street, the king’s speech, Hugo, etc. Despite the video creation reason, Lightwork Pro is capable of making and editing video of any format and for any platform. The software is available for 3 platforms to work on. Windows, Mac (Macintosh) and Linux. Although the company announced the development of “Open – Source” version in the year 2010. But, no code has been released yet.

Lightwork Pro is one of the most famous non – linear video editing software present in the market. It made a firm grip in the movie industry and manage to dominate the video editing market. Because of its feature available in them. Also, because of its non – linear editing properties. It makes the software the first choice of editors to use it in editing the video for without modifying the original content. As it has been said by the designers and developers of the software that this software is a complete video creative package. There is a couple of versions available, including a base version of 24.99 dollars, a 2nd high version consist of 174.99 dollars and the last one consisting of 479.99 dollars. With the expiry time of 1month, 1 year and never, respectively.

Note: There is a free version available of the software. but it only tends to provide with basic use and lacks several features.

Therefore, there are many features that Lightworks Pro has to offer. Hence, these are explained in the Feature section of the article.

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The features that Lightworks Pro offers are explained as follows:

  • All Major Operating System:

It dosent matter for the user to be a Mac, Windows or Linux user. Lightworks Pro is supported by all the 3 OS. Hence, no other editing software runs all these 3 platforms.

  • Unmatched Format Support:

It is the only software supporting almost every format available in professional NLE. MXF, Quicktime and AVI containers. From ProRes to XDCAM EX / HD 422 all on the same timeline in real-time.

  •  Dedicated Web Export:

Despite the film industry-level software. It supports web exports too. From Facebook to Instagram. All formats are supported and with fast export speeds. So, it’s not limited to film industry use. Hence, can be used by everyone. Making one of the best video editing software.

  • Optimized Speed:

Because of its ability to export, render or import more than one files at the same time makes it one of the fastest editing software. As one can do all these things at the same time while editing the video. Which also makes it more convenient and time-saving video editing tool.

  • World Class Trimming for fast precision editing:

Lightworks Guarantee the customers to provide with simple yet fast trimming function. This feature tends to save a lot of time and helps the user understand the trimming process better.

  • Multicam Editing:

The Lightworks Pro lets the user sync there work shot with multiple cameras directly from the bin. Making it easier than a lot of software present out there.

  • Powerful Real-time effects with inbuilt presets:

The software consists of real-time GPU pipeline architecture. Which tends to support the different types of effect to input in the video. Making it faster to input all types of effects too. In other words the faster the GPU the faster the System.

  • Enhanced VFX with Boris FX:

“Boris FX is an advanced level plug-in and application for all kinds of editing fun. If you are thinking of making custom transitions, it has you covered and then some.” – Videomaker Magazine. This Awesome plugin works with Lightworks pro on both Windows 64 bit and Mac OS X. Offering hundreds of animation presets and more.

  • Text Effects With Boris Graffiti:

It also includes several text effects preset curated by Boris Graffiti. Making it’s way easy to input text with different effects into the video a user is working on.

  • Project Sharing for Groups:

The Lightworks Pro let the user share their work with one other in real time with full control of over which the user has read/write access.

Therefore, those were some of the important features present in the Lightworks Pro 14.5. Which makes it stand apart from other software. Therefore, one can find the list of all the features of  Lightworks Pro 14.5 on their official Website.

System Requirements:

The following are the requirements by an individual’s system to run Lightworks Pro Crack.

Therefore these are as follows:

  • At least an Intel i7 chipset or AMD fast chipset.
  • Minimum of 4GB RAM or more.
  • 256MB of the graphics processor or higher. With the support of Direct X 9.
  • A compatible Sound Card.
  • At least of 200MB disk space for the installation of Lightworks Pro.
  • Minimum of 2 displays both with a minimum resolution of 1920×1080. The resolution can be higher.
  • Sperate media and system drive for optimized performance of the software.

Download Lightworks Pro 14.5 Crack:

AS one of the best software present in the market right now. One can simply download the crack in order to use it at no extra cost. Because of its features and high scale use also because of its ease of use, It is one of the most used software around the globe. One can simply pursue all the features of the software by downloading the crack version of it. Although if you wish to get the security of software to be bug or virus free. You can simply head over to the official website and purchase the software.

Note: Software prices are stated in the first topic of the article. Kindly refer the same.


Therefore, it can be concluded that Lightworks Pro 14.5 Crack is a full-fledged package of Industrial level video editing software. Hence making video editing for an individual as well as for industry based video editors an easy task.

Pros and Cons of Lightworks Pro 14.5 Crack:

  • It consist of quick video editing tools and real-time effects, which can be inputed into videos.
  • Have a real extensive supports of formats. Which can be important for many videos editors.
  • One of the major pros is the support of all 3 major OS. Windows, Mac (Macintosh) and Linux.
  • A free version of the software perfect for YouTubers to create their videos.
  • It misses out some of the features like a smart content analyzer.
  • The free version only exports the video the maximum quality of 720p.

Therefore, listed above are some of the pros and cons of the software Lightworks Pro 14.5 Crack.

How to install Lightworks Pro 14.5 Crack 2019 on your PC?

  • First, download the basic free version of the software.
  • Now Download the crack file from the link given above.
  • simply extract the crack file and run it.
  • After that click on Active Button.
  • Just wait for the automatic process to get completed.
  • That’s it. you’re done.
  • Enjoy Lightworks Pro 14.5 crack.

Lightworks Pro 14.5 Crack License keys :

Some of the Serial keys used to install the Lightworks Pro 14.5 Crack software:

  • 456GE-W4567-I7UJH-GFR5678IKJ
  • GFE45-YHGE3-445TH-GFE34-56YJH
  • GR456-UJGR4-56UYR-56UJH-GTR67

Therefore, the article concludes on how one can download Lightworks Pro 14.5 Crack. And can install it on his/her PC.

Hence, it is also suggested to minimize the use of “Closed-source software” for professional work. In other words, one should utilize the crack version for learning or personal purposes. Because using a crack version is an illegal action and can cause one to pay a hefty amount as a fine. Therefore, one should be more careful. And keep the software to him /her self.

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